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  • All products included in the catalog are developed and produced on the basis of our own technology.
  • Every new product is developed very carefully based on the latest available components using modern assembly techniques.
  • We use SMD mounting technology on double-sided, glass-epoxy printed circuit boards.
  • Enclosures of our products are made of certified plastic, ensuring aesthetics, rigidity and fire resistance according to UL94 - V0 self-extinguishing.
  • Taking care to ensure high reliability of our products, each driver is continuously operated for 14 days under extreme temperature conditions.
  • Special screening procedures are in place, and we are gaining the reliability of our products at an impressive level.
  • Our products are safe and reliable and at the same time modern and original, based on the latest microprocessor chips.
  • Each product prior to the start of serial production is subject to tedious and long-term testing under extreme exposure conditions (humidity, temperature, voltage, vibration, overvoltage, mold, noise, etc.).
  • After testing the products are tested for selected users in difficult rural conditions, for a period of at least 6 months.
  • It is only after the tests and tests with positive results that we decide to start serial production.
  • Drivers have original and effective security system of 1-phase and 3-phase units.
  • We have developed and are using the most commonly used intelligent defrost evaporator system (Patent No. P-336962).
  • In each controller we use a simple monitoring of the cooling temperature.
  • We provide convenient "MOD SERVICE" service to easily check the controller function and network power quality at the assembly site.
  • Our sensors, developed and built on their own technology, stand out among others for their long lasting reliability.
  • Milk cooling chillers are protected by patent P-368248.
  • Controllers of type SACH-12SZ, SACH-12M, SACH12, SACH-12M-S, SACH-112-1 and SACH-112-3 have the Quality Certificate B / 12/523/06 and Certificate of Conformity No. CE / 12/098 / 06 issued by the SEP Quality Study Bureau in Warsaw.