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About us

ELROT company has been operating since 1984.

Since its inception, the company has specialized in the development and production of various types of controllers for refrigeration equipment (counters, shelves, refrigerated cabinets and milk coolers), which are under the common name of SACH. Initially, different types of controllers contained different combinations: thermostats, timers for automatic defrosting and protection of the unit from excessive voltage drop (in single-phase units) or before phase asymmetry (in three-phase units). Some variants of the controllers were also equipped with digital temperature meters for the refrigeration chamber. They were based on analog and digital integrated circuits. The long-term receivers of these drivers were, among others. Top manufacturers of refrigeration equipment: BYFUCH Bydgoszcz (control cabinets, shelves and refrigeration cabinets), COLD Bochnia and PZL Krosno (milk cooler controllers) and many smaller plants.

We are currently producing modern 12CH, 12M-o, P12, P12z, P12zs microcontrollers and SACH-12 drivers, and many other customizable models. They are designed for the automation of shop refrigeration equipment (counters, shelves, chambers, etc.), milk coolers and automation of the washing process of closed milk chillers and milking installations.

The greatest emphasis is placed on the reliability of our equipment. Every pre-market driver is subjected to long-term testing and testing. We pay special attention to the resistance of equipment to external exposure (shocks, moisture, molds, storms, etc.). The devices are then certified to the European CE and Safety Mark B.

Our products have won the recognition of our customers thanks to their exceptional reliability.